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Hawkesbury Therapy has been in business since 2003. We offer physiotherapy services including the revolutionary Shockwave Therapy. We also offer reconditioning / fitness services and a Concussion Rehabilitation Program. It is our mission to provide our clients with professional service and quality health care that will produce long lasting results and restore function in their daily lives. We provide a personalized, client-centered, and team approach to our care. Working together with other members of the medical community, we use evidence-based interventions with the goal of relieving the symptoms and resolving their causes to ultimately restore full function. We treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions for patients of all ages.

Our Services

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is a recognized health care discipline that specializes in the assessment, treatment and maintenance of the human body’s movement and function. Physiotherapists integrate the use of many therapeutic devices with their expertise in exercise and movement rehabilitation to create the optimal plan to meet your therapeutic goals.

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  • Osteopathy

    Osteopathy is a form of alternative healthcare that emphasizes the connection between the structure and function of the body, as well as the body’s ability to heal itself.

    Osteopathic practitioners place great emphasis on the relationship between the organs and the musculoskeletal system as well as on treating the whole individual rather than just the disease or problematic area.

    With skilled palpation and a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics the professionals at Hawkesbury Therapy can assess and restore balance within and between all the systems of people of all ages presenting with any type of orthopedic condition – which are the conditions related to bone, muscle and joint problems.

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  • Fitness Programs

    For people who are at a physical level of performing exercises with a reconditioning approach, they have the opportunity to enroll in our reconditioning program on site at our rehabilitation gym or in the community gym affiliated with our clinic.

  • Concussion Rehabilitation Program

    When Post concussion syndromes symptoms (PCS) are severe, treatment typically requires an interdisciplinary team of health professionals. We are trained to tease out the various factors that may be contributing to a patient’s PCS and provide individualized treatment recommendations. These may include: Physical Rehabilitation for the Neck, Vestibular-Ocular Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation through Exercise.

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Our Approach

Our physiotherapists use clinical assessment skills to help determine the origin of the symptoms that may cause pain and suffering in an individual. Treatment programs may include a combination of osteopathic manual therapy, orthopaedic manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise prescription, patient education, electrotherapy modalities, and physiotherapy devices. The number of treatments will vary depending on the condition and its degree of severity.

We communicate our findings with members of our clients’ health care team as requested and with client consent. We also ensure to educate the patient during assessments by explaining the nature of the injury or condition, the treatment proposal, the prognosis, and prevention of recurrence.

Try Shockwave Therapy for FREE!


Do you suffer from foot, knee, elbow, shoulder, hip or muscle pain? If so, you owe it to yourself to try shockwave therapy.

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Please note: In order to try shockwave therapy for free, you must first have an evaluation done by one of our Physiotherapists.